How old do you have to be to bounce?
Toddler sessions are for ages 5 and under, your booking includes 1 adult to participate with the toddler. Adults must supervise their child at all times in the Trampoline Park.

Open Jump sessions are for ages 4 and over. 4 year old’s must participate with a fully paying adult (Age 18+) who must supervise the 4-year-old at all times, over 5’s may bounce without an adult but the adult must remain on site for all children aged under 12 years.

Our Fitness Sessions are for ages 14 and over.

Our Trick Sessions are for ages 12 and over.

Proof of age may be requested by our team if they believe the person is not in the age-appropriate session.

How long before jumping should I arrive?
Arrive 20 minutes before your time slot. Providing you have completed your participant agreement online prior to arrival, this is how long check-in and the safety briefing can take. You can book your jumping time here and sign your participant agreement here

Late arrival may result in missing part of your session, or your booking being moved to the next available session. We are unable extend your session to make up for any lost time due to late arrival.

Can you hire out the whole venue?
Yes absolutely, we are flexible and eager to help. Contact reception@xjump.uk to discuss your requirements.
Can you cater for my school or community group?
Yes absolutely, we have plenty of experience hosting PE lessons, reward trips, enrichment activities and community / sport club events. Contact claire@xjump.uk to discuss your requirements so we can cater an experience to your needs at a reduced rate.
What is the best way to book an Open Jump session?
Via our online booking system. Click here
What is the best way to book a Party?

For party information and bookings please email reception@xjump.uk or call us on 01452 221800

I don’t have a credit card is there another way to pay?
You can pay on arrival at the desk, however this means you do not have a confirmed booking and we may be fully booked for the slot that you arrive for. This is extremely likely at weekends. Please give us a call so we can advise you on when there is lots of free space then aim to arrive half an hour before that.
Can I cancel or transfer my booking?

Individual sessions

These cannot be cancelled, however please contact our reception desk to transfer your booking to another date or time slot.

Party bookings

Cancellation with minimum 7 days notice will be eligible for a full refund, a cancellation with less than 7 days notice will only be transferable.

Private Hire

All deposits are non-refundable (normally 50%)


Do you do exercise classes?
Yes, please visit our XJump Fit page here
Do you do sessions for people with a disability or special needs?
Yes, please visit our XJump Inclusive page here


Can I stay to watch my children jump?
Yes, the viewing area is in the cafe upstairs and gives a fantastic view of the Jump Area. Non-participants are not permitted on the trampoline area itself however participants can enter and leave with their wristband.
Do you have free WIFI?
Yes, please ask a member of staff for the password.
Do you have free parking?
Yes we have over 230 spaces. Parking is free of charge up to three hours, if you plan on exceeding this limit please speak to reception on arrival so we can prevent a parking charge.

XJump do not own or operate the car park so are unable to assist with any parking charges once incurred.

Do you have lockers?
Yes, they are on the ground floor near the entrance and are operated with £1 coins (refundable). Please hand your key to reception in exchange for a wristband so you can bounce safely, any keys lost in the park will incur a £5 fine.

XJump accepts no responsibility for items left unattended

What should I wear?
Loose fitting clothing that will keep you cool. No sharp objects are allowed such as jewellery, studs or large belt buckles. Also ensure there is nothing in your pockets, we provide lockers in which to keep valuables.

You must wear non-slip socks at all times.  These can be purchased at reception (£1.50 per pair) or added at the time of booking. You are welcome to wear your own non-slip trampolining socks, if you have them.

Do I have to wear special socks?
You must wear non-slip socks at all times.  These can be purchased at reception (£1.50 per pair) or added at the time of booking. You are welcome to wear your own non-slip trampolining socks, if you have them.
Does every jumper have to have a signed participant agreement? Do you have to sign one every time you jump?
Yes, every jumper must have a signed participant agreement or they will not be allowed to enter the trampoline area. If the person jumping is not over the age of 18 years old, an adult must sign the participant agreement on their behalf. Participant agreements completed online last for one year so you do not need to sign one every time you jump. You can sign the participant agreement here
Do I need to attend a safety briefing if I've been before?
Yes, every jumper must attend a full safety briefing before entering the trampolines, even if they have visited us before. This is for the safety of yourselves and others using the park. Please ensure you allow enough time to check-in and complete your participant agreement to ensure you are seated in the safety information area ready for the start of your briefing 5 minutes before your session time (We recommend to arrive 20 minutes before the start of your session).
How much does it cost per hour for adults and children?
Please visit the booking page for a display of sessions and their prices, as these can very depending on the session, time of day and current offers. If you don’t already have a pair of our Xjump non-slip socks you may purchase these online or at reception. They are £1.50 per pair, or you are welcome to wear your own non-slip trampolining socks, if you have them. We also provide reduced rates for large bookings, schools, community groups, students and carers. Please contact Xjump to discuss your needs.
What are your opening days/hours?
Please see the bottom of this page for our opening hours
Where are you located in Gloucester?
What do I do if I have left an item behind at your facility?
If you have misplaced an item please call our reception team on 01452 221800 to report it missing. Lost property is kept for 4 weeks and then disposed / donated to various local charities. Please be aware any found property which is unhygienic will be disposed of.