Safety & Rules

At Xjump safety is paramount. Jumping on trampolines can be categorized as an extreme sport and can therefore result in injury if safety procedures are not followed or monitored closely.

Before your jump session you will be asked to sign our participant agreement which acknowledges your agreement to adhere to our safety rules and procedures. A parent or guardian will be asked to sign on behalf of any jumpers who are under the age of 18. You will also be required to watch our safety briefing before you bounce which details our rules and safe jumping procedures within the park. All jumpers must wear non-slip socks during their jump session at Xjump.

Before you jump

  • Before jumping empty all pockets and remove anything from your mouth
  • No cameras, phones or other handheld devices are permitted on the trampolines
  • Never jump if you have health issues/injuries, are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs

During your jumping

  • Be aware of your jump space. watch for other jumpers and give right of way to younger jumpers.
  • No food or drink on trampolines
  • Stay within the jump area of the trampoline. no jumping or landing on the padding
  • Concentrate on your own jumping. do not affect the jumping of any other jumpers
  • Remain in control and jump to your own ability.
  • Xjump staff are fully trained. please adhere to their guidelines

And most important of all – have fun!

Additional safety information

At Xjump, your safety is our top priority. Our trampoline park has been designed and manufactured with your safety in mind, but jumping on trampolines can still be dangerous. Because of this, we have safety guidelines and rules to minimise your risk of injuring yourself or someone else. The rules are designed to protect you during your time at Xjump. Please make sure that you have understood the rules, before you jump.

Before jumping all jumpers must sign our participant agreement and attend a compulsory safety briefing. This will explain all of the rules, which are also clearly displayed in the jump area.

Anybody who breaks the rules will be given a warning by a member of Xjump staff. If after being warned, the same person breaks the same or any other rule they will be banned from the jump area and will not be allowed back in for the remainder of the day. If someone is considered to be a significant danger to themselves and others around them, Xjump staff are entitled to skip the warning and immediately ban the person from the jump area for up to six months.

The risk of injury from the activities on trampolines can be significant. Our aim is to ensure, that you leave Xjump happy, and already planning your next visit.

Xjump staff are extensively trained and undertake multiple tasks, which include daily checks on trampoline equipment, padding and netting. All of our trampolines and equipment are approved and have been installed to ASTM guidelines.

Alcohol, tobacco, and drug use is banned everywhere in the Xjump Trampoline Park.

Personal belongings
Xjump does not accept any responsibility for any personal belongings brought into or stored on the premises.
Padded Areas
All of the area between our trampolines, including the springs, are covered by foam padding to minimize the risk of jumpers landing on or in between the springs and steel framing. Do not deliberately land on these areas as the risk of injury is greatly increased.
Our staff regularly maintain our equipment and perform daily inspections in an effort to identify and replace worn down parts.
Padded Posts
Steps have been taken to secure pads to all metal posts in the jumping area to help protect jumpers from injury.
Strategic Netting
Where appropriate, netting is in place in an effort to help contain jumpers on the trampoline.
Safety Team
Our Court Monitors move throughout our park to monitor compliance with park rules. They are present to assist with safe jumping practices, and injury assistance if needed.
Foam Pits
Our pits are engineered with waterfall trampolines to assist with a clear pathway to the foam below. Foam is circulated and cleaned before opening.
Non-slip socks
These are available for purchase at £1.50 per pair. They give the jumper more traction on our trampolines! You can keep the socks and use them again on your next visit. All participants must wear non-slip socks.
Safety Signage
Signage is placed throughout our parks and our Court Monitors will gladly remind you of these rules should you happen to forget them while you’re having fun.